The FDA looks into Quincy Bioscience's claims for Prevagen

Madison-based manufacturer of memory aid under investigation



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The problem really lies with the labeling. I worked in a company selling vitamins/supplements and you can't say they'll do this and that. You can say, may help with but not a definite will help with.Big difference from medicinal products which do need human trials to be FDA approved. These have no approval function.

Judy 40 days ago


Yes and tiny jellyfish are seen in microscopic analysis of ur blood and urine after ingesting capsules: I made that up.

This is a rare protein that seems to have a neural chemical response, as evidenced by less than rigorous human subject testing, and calcium. So, if calcium causes a photo response in this protein, it may well play a part in neural activity that is also based on calcium and magnesium biochemistry.

With the small amounts in each capsule, being a trial person does not seem risky and only placebo effects could be causing the "side effects" also seems likely.

Speaking of placebo effects, I believe it does sharpen my thoughts and improves memory, but just believing that could have similar effects. We need objective testing, but with the Republicans saying no so rich people don't pay taxes and can export jobs and profit from world wide corporate piracy, no real science has been done by the FDA or private labs to help make what we know or don't know more objective.

Casey Reed 164 days ago


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