Behind the Brews

Latest Food & Drink Stories

  • Navigating natural wines

    Natural wines aren’t new, and should outlast their current trendiness. They also often come from wine regions that the casual drinker might not recognize and feature more obscure grape varieties than their more conventional counterparts. Read more

  • Getting canned

    Steve’s on University cans its own cocktails. If they’re out, they’ll mix ’em for you on the spot. Read more

  • The buzz on no buzz

    Non-alcoholic brews are the latest frontier for craft beer makers, who have so far largely ceded this market to the big names. Now Waunakee’s Octopi Brewing is positioning itself to be a major player. Read more

  • A cold IPA, A Russian stout

    There’s a new hot IPA style (of course). A Russian imperial stout, a barrel-aged imperial stout, an oatmeal stout, a Scotch ale, a Munich dunkel, and a Belgian dark strong are also on the bar. Read more

  • Say Grace

    Good coffee, a varied menu and lots of workspace has Grace Coffee expanding to six locations in less than three years. Read more