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Opinion | Abortions are permitted by Islamic law out of medical necessity. There is no direct prohibition on abortion in the Quran and Sunnah, the two most authoritative biblical sources. Read more

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US Supreme Court

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Opinion | Who’s to say what is next, if unenumerated rights like the right to abortion are casually thrown out like this? Or if justices get to bend the law to accommodate their personal, religious beliefs again and again? Read more

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Black Business Hub

Urban League of Greater Madison

Opinion | Historic, innovative, and sorely needed, the Hub will host retail space for Black-owned businesses, and serve as a small business incubator and accelerator, providing Black entrepreneurs with training, coaching and more. Read more

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Opinion | A recent report from the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts confirms that warming winter nights have altered weather patterns, wildlife habitats, industry conditions, and a myriad of cultural traditions across Wisconsin. Read more

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Opinion | Strong public education requires investment; investment not just from municipal, county or state government but from community members as well. Read more

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