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U.S. Capitol ceiling, "Inside the dome of the U.S. Capitol Building, Washington DC" by o palsson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

o palsson

Opinion | To have neo-Nazis and white supremacists try to overturn a democratic election at the direction of an outgoing president shows that even the United States is susceptible to fascism. Read more

The new colossus

Opinion | I’ve grown a lot this past year, both politically and personally. And I’ve met the bestest of friends: a Republican who teaches me, a revolutionary who inspires me, and a pragmatist who challenges me. Read more

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Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

Opinion | I believe in the science behind the vaccine’s development and trust that the benefits of getting inoculated far outweigh the risks of not. Read more

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Opinion | Debates on privacy aside, facial recognition technology holds significant racial bias that has been proven over the years in ongoing and dense scholarship. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Opinion | A vote for Donald Trump was not an accidental co-sign of his rhetoric this time around. It was a clear indication that for millions, blatant white supremacy is to be rewarded with four more years of authoritarian leadership. Read more

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