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Madison police to try out yoga and meditation in a new UW study



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difficult to believe

It's hard to believe that Madison Wisconsin, of all places, is such a stressful place to be a cop.

"According to Capt. Kristen Roman, the department’s point person for the study, nine out of 10 officers will experience a traumatic event of some kind in their first years on the job." Regardless of whether that is 90% of Madison cops or 90% of ALL police in the country, including murder capitols like Detroit, Baltimore or Milwaukee, how are we to square this statement with countless others in which police themselves state they almost never draw their weapon or are involved in a firefight? These cops wear body armor and carry clubs, Tasers and fire arms - but arguing about parking tickets is so traumatic they need to be paid to do yoga? I guess if that's what it takes to keep them from shooting our loved ones, our neighbors or our pets...

Is law enforcement a high-risk job? Maybe... but so is mining, construction, long haul trucking, logging or any of countless other jobs that don't pay half as well or come with extraordinary, almost unheard of benefits. (And if it's okay for cops to keep their unions, why isn't it okay for anyone else?) Because let's remember: being a cop in Madison is a great job, with well above average base pay and excellent benefits.

From the City's own website:
The starting salary for a beginning police officer, as of January 1, 2016, is $48,452 annually with a raise after six months to $53,875. Some of the other benefits are:
- Pension covered through the Wisconsin Retirement System; contributions made by employer and employee
- Health insurance coverage through five different options (some of these programs are at no cost to the employee)
- Wage, life, and disability insurance plans
- Thirty-seven and one-half (37-1/2) hour work week
- Educational incentive pay plan after forty-two (42) months of continuous service
The educational incentive pay plan is particularly noteworthy. After 42 months of continuous service, your base salary will increase relative to the amount of education attained. For example, an associate's degree will realize a pay increase of 9%; putting your base pay at $64,009. For a bachelor's degree, a pay increase of 18% ($69,294) and for a master's degree a pay increase of 22% ($71,643). The aforementioned base pay does not include briefing time, shift differential or other routine overtime (i.e., court).

Ryan Philosovich 176 days ago

And don't forget the informal perks...
1) groupies
2) free all-you-can-eat donuts
3) the opportunity to indulge your authoritarian complex

ignatius 172 days ago


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