• Co-writing with Bob Dylan

    Trapper Schoepp fleshed out pieces of the lyrics written by Bob Dylan in the 1960s, marrying the words to an original, supper club-like waltz. Schoepp re-dubbed it “On Wisconsin.” Read more

  • Is Madison in Wisconsin?

    Are our cultural, political and economic differences with the rest of the state fueling an ever wider divide? Do we need to come up with a marketing strategy to rebrand Madison? Read more


  • Madison's neighborhood secrets: East

    Georgia O'Keeffe's childhood home, a couple diners, St. Vinnie's exceptional book selection and a Lake Monona footpath. Read more


  • A last-ditch deal

    As more details come out, it appears that no one in the Walker administration did any research on liquid crystal display fabrication plants or on Terry Gou, the Taiwanese founder and CEO of Foxconn. Read more


  • Tidbits

    Now open at Hilldale: bartaco. Soon to open at East Towne: Portillo’s. And now partnering with Hy-Vee: Flashfood. Read more



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