• Risk averse

    UW Health and School of Medicine and Public Health need a “major culture change” if they’re going to move their world class research into drugs and treatments that will save lives, a recent study argues. Read more

  • CUB plots a renaissance

    In the mid-’80s, the state’s Citizen Utility Board had 100,000 members; today it has only about 2,000. But as it turns 40 and has a new director, the group embarks on a campaign to reinvent itself. Read more

  • Hometown Wisconsin

    “Twilight Bowl,” an excellent new play showing some realities of Midwest life. And, holy smokes, it’s set in a bowling alley. Read more

  • Exuberant and evocative

    There’s a psychedelic exuberance to “Evocative Mechanisms of Art,” a three-artist show on display in the atrium of Promega BioPharmaceutical Technology Center. Read more

  • Foxconn announces protest center in Madison

    Foxconn is purchasing a building on the Capitol Square to make it easier for disgruntled taxpayers to show their outrage over the state’s botched deal with the Taiwanese manufacturer. Read more



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