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  • The new Epic

    If the feds had not pulled some huge contracts from Epic Systems a few years back, the company and Dane County would be rolling in new riches. But Epic is likely probably better off without them. Read more


  • A dream deferred?

    Construction was set to begin this month on the more-than-decade-old proposal to build a Madison public market. But an unexpected development this summer has left the project fighting for its life. Read more

  • Behind the Isthmus cover: November 2022

    Illustrator Kristin Shafel captures the quiet time before the hectic holidays in this month’s cover illustration. Read more

  • When abortion was illegal

    Rain and Pat had unwanted pregnancies when abortion was illegal to in the United States. Both are devastated by the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, and are now telling their stories. Read more

  • Giant Jones gets bigger

    Bottling has been a major bottleneck for the brewery preventing its growth. “We haven’t even tried to even find new places to sell our beer since before the pandemic because we can’t keep up with bottling demands,” says brewmaster Jessica Jones. Read more



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