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  • Pristine is overrated

    The need for affordable housing versus the need to preserve wetlands come head to head in the Oscar Mayer Strategic Area Plan. Is a proposed greenspace of 14 acres enough? Read more


  • Reserve a seat at the Terrace?

    Can you be cool at the Union in 2020? Yes, but you need a reservation. Plus, picnics at Breese Stevens and more re-openings. Read more

  • "Less lethal" but still controversial

    Campus Ald. Max Prestigiacomo wants to “demilitarize” the Madison police. He plans to start with blocking a $50,000 budget reallocation request to equip every squad car with a projectile launcher or shotgun capable of firing bean bags rounds. Read more

  • Black fatherhood, police, war and the new Spike Lee joint

    Just in time for Father’s Day: a Zoom chat with Kevin Willmott I, three-time collaborator with Spike Lee, and his son, Kevin Willmott II, Madison artist, activist and new father. Read more

  • "Fire Matt Kenny"

    City leaders say they are listening to the demands of protesters, who, among other things, want the officer who killed Tony Robinson booted from the force. But Chief Vic Wahl says “there is no basis under state law” for any disciplinary action. Read more



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