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  • Restoring balance

    The conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court got smaller in 2018 when Rebecca Dallet was elected. Now liberals have a chance of winning the next two elections to gain a majority. more


  • Tell All: Daughter’s boyfriend not welcome for Christmas

    Our daughter’s boyfriend visited last summer. He’s arrogant and disrespectful. Can we not invite him for Christmas? more

  • The vision for James Madison Park

    The City of Madison parks division responds to a guest column (“From park to parking lot”) that ran in Isthmus on Dec. 11 regarding the city’s plans for James Madison Park. more


  • Will Soglin’s race for governor hurt his mayoral bid?

    Madison Mayor Paul Soglin conducted a poll last week that singled out who he, presumably, considers to be his main competition in next year’s mayoral race. Soglin has never lost a reelection campaign (he’s had five). more


  • The small Republicans

    Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald aren’t just limiting the power of the offices of the governor and attorney general. They’re undermining the basis of our system: that rules should apply equally regardless of who is in office. more



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