In the paper

  • Hope for a failing planet

    The bright side to planetary decline? Scientists are realizing that a big part of successfully reining in climate change has to do with mending damaged landscapes and conserving wild nature, something we can do. Read more

  • Keeping hope in the mix

    Which stories are told in the news can significantly impact how people see the world and whether they see opportunity for change and progress. Read more

  • It was a difficult first year for Madison's Police Civilian Oversight Board

    More than a year after the creation of the Police Civilian Oversight Board, progress on creating a new, community-centered check on law enforcement has been slow. A lack of staff support, bad headlines, and lawsuits haven’t helped. Read more

  • Laughs last

    Madison Indie Comedy formed during the pandemic to support performers, venues and audiences. Founders Sasha Rosser and Shauna Jungdahl want to “bring together people from all different walks of life.” Read more

  • Pivots and divots

    Restaurants kept scrambling to make things work in 2021. And there were golf simulators. A roundup of the year in Madison eating. Read more



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