• Eats events

    Vegan pop-up at Badger Rock Neighborhood Center, Pupusafest, history of capital cuisine at the Wisconsin Historical Museum and, sigh, Chick-Fil-A you got our attention, this week in events that have mystique and mesquite. more

  • Political restaurants

    The personal has always been political, and there’s nothing more personal than sharing a meal. At some Madison restaurants, food comes with a side of social justice. more

  • ’Round here

    A DJ-focused record store on the east side has a new space. Jiggy Jamz owner Geoffrey Kaster is finally achieving his dream of a tangible, in-person record-buying experience for DJs at every level. more

  • Just walking around

    Canada has poutine. Mexico has nachos. India has chaat. So if it’s chaat you want, head to Chaat Cafe. more

  • Off The Square: Breaking news

    How about those elections? more


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