• Sha na na na, goodbye!

    The Solidarity Sing Along turned triumphant the day after Democrat Tony Evers defeated Gov. Scott Walker. The group will keep singing until he’s out of office — and possibly after that, too. more


  • No show

    Scott Walker supporters left the governor’s campaign party thinking the race wasn’t over. Twenty minutes later, it was. more


  • Luna’s wild ride

    The couple bringing a grocery store to one of Madison’s most notorious food deserts is hoping to raise $50,000 after a series of setbacks delayed the project. But the store is on track to open Nov. 15. more

  • Openings

    Freaky’s Pizza and Wings is open behind the IHOP on University Avenue. Coming soon: More Korean food downtown and more barbecue on the north side. more

  • Red seawall mostly holds in Wisconsin

    Despite winning the governorship and holding onto a U.S. Senate seat, Democrats mostly fell short in Tuesday’s election, failing to make gains in the state Legislature or with Wisconsin’s eight Congressional districts. more



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