• Coming attractions

    When it comes to the arts, Madison keeps upping the ante. Our arts writers help you narrow it down with their picks for the most promising events in theater, comedy, dance, visual art and classical music. more

  • Goodbye, Paoli. Hello, Stoughton

    Abel Contemporary Gallery, a 30-year fixture in Paoli, announces a move from Paoli to Stoughton. more


  • Fresh start

    Sherman Middle School ended last year in turmoil, with the resignation of its principal and accusations of racism. An interim principal is trying to heal the wounds, but mistrust and skepticism remain. more

  • Make an evening of it

    Why grab dinner for date night anymore? Try this two-step strategy instead. more

  • John Doe emails reveal depth of scorn for Rebecca Kleefisch in Scott Walker's camp

    There's plenty of dirty laundry about Gov. Scott Walker's inner circle in unsealed documents related to a John Doe investigation. Emails from ex-Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch are being scoured for details about the secret email system set up in Walke more


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