Latest Food & Drink Stories

  • Monday night special

    You might want to spend your Monday night on Monroe Street. The Tin Fox transforms into “The Angry Rooster” and becomes a southern-style fried chicken joint. Read more

  • It’s a wrap

    Conrad’s Grill opens on State Street, Crandall’s has closed on State Street but will relocate. Read more

  • Eats events

    Party like it’s a century ago at The Great Dane, try Giant Jones beers with a five-course dinner from Banzo and celebrate a LBGTQ community Thanksgiving, this week in events to get duded up to go score some hootch, you ol’ billboard. Read more

  • Dynamic dinner

    Cooking along with others is better than just cooking for others, says chef and culinary teacher Joel Olson of Hemmachef. His holiday wine dinner at Smoky’s Club is the next chance to learn...and eat. Read more

  • Pond water plus

    Swamp Thang, a hazy IIPA collaboration beer from Working Draft Beer Company, Lake Louie Brewing, and Wisconsin Brewing Company, is one of the best of the year. It’s a hop monster with a huge amount of Citra, Simcoe and Enigma. Read more