Latest Food & Drink Stories

  • Fairchild is having fun

    L’Etoile’s influence is evident at Fairchild — the resumes of chefs Itaru Nagano and Andy Kroeger and co-owner Patrick Sierra all list L’Etoile — but the vibe is more casual; service is purposeful and un-rushed. Read more

  • Give thanks — for extra special bitters

    Full Mile, Lakefront, Tyranena and One Barrel are tap-happy with beer treats this November. Read more

  • The BoPo Tempeh at Bandung

    The BoPo Tempeh at Bandung was art director Tommy Washbush’s gateway to the wonderful world of cilantro. Madison’s longtime Indonesian restaurant also makes the dish with chicken. Read more

  • It’s Friday somewhere

    The Friday fish fry has spilled over into the Wednesday special menu at some very popular local eateries. Who’s serving and where’s the best fish? Read more

  • Meet the chef

    Trotter was one of the first true celebrity chefs, with his eponymous restaurant opening in 1987. It was before the Food Network, before chefs were so well known that they had their own brands. Read more