• A rotten year

    A lot people in Madison are wondering what the hell is happening in our schools. Even Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham has called it a “trying year.” Isthmus talked to nearly 30 teachers to find out what’s happening behind the scenes. Read more


  • Cheatham’s report card

    In announcing her resignation, Jen Cheatham struck a valedictory note. So did her supporters. No one mentioned a divided district or demoralized staff. Read more


  • Tell All: I have sex with every woman I meet — in my head

    I can fantasize about a coworker in a meeting and still treat her with the utmost professionalism. Read more

  • End the WEDC

    The latest audit shows an organization that is being incompetently managed, if managed at all. Read more


  • Welcome to campus

    Designed by Arthur Peabody, UW-Madison’s Field House is one of the university’s signature buildings. It’s getting a much-needed renovation, as campus officials hope to “dress up” this entry to campus. Read more


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