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  • Bygone Madison menus

    A year into the pandemic, our food editor finally sifts through her files to set up her home office. Some beloved old menus found in the desk detritus deserve to be shared. Read more


  • Hurting, but hopeful

    Are restaurants going to make it through the pandemic? An all-star panel convened by the UW Alumni Association is optimistic. Caitlin Suemnicht of Food Fight, Gabriel Stulman of the “Little Wisco” group, and Craig Culver weighed in. Read more

  • Specials!

    Food-loving diners looking for novel dishes during the pandemic need to keep an eye out for specials. Between Lent and Madison Restaurant Week, there are plenty. Read more

  • New role for the Y

    “This need is not going away,” says the YMCA’s Jen Kruel. The organization went from zero to 60 in becoming a food provider as COVID-19 hit last spring. Read more

  • “Old fashioned” packages tied up with string

    The concept of the take home cocktail kit came to the fore with the pandemic. Getting just the right amounts of the right ingredients makes sense. Read more