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Latest Food & Drink Stories

  • Suits to a “tea”

    Hard kombucha from Lake Louie Brewing is about to hit local shelves Memorial Day weekend. It’s the latest in lighter alcoholic drinks, like shandies and hard seltzers. Read more

  • Service squeeze

    A shortage of restaurant workers is hampering businesses’ re-opening efforts as COVID-19 restrictions lessen. A recruiter at a local staffing agency thinks the squeeze may result in better pay and benefits. Read more

  • Funnel cakes are worth a drive

    The Dodge County Fairgrounds is helping fair vendors make up for last summer’s economic losses with a series of Fair Food Festivals. Put on your fat pants. Read more

  • Window of opportunity

    Business for food carts may be looking up with more people getting vaccinated. But the landscape for the mobile entrepreneurs is still far different than it was pre-COVID-19. Read more

  • Full Mile Beer Company has a new brewer

    Full Mile has been without a brewer for a couple of weeks. Fresh from Illinois, Bill Morgan is eager to put his signature on the brewery’s beers. Read more