• Madison school board members object to East High principal hire

    Madison school board members wanted the district to conduct an internal investigation of how East High School staff responded to a hidden camera incident involving students before it hired Brendan Kearney to be the permanent principal of the school Read more

  • Self-driving vehicles: dream deferred

    It’s too early to tell for sure. But one thing is clear. For those of us who were predicting an urban renaissance brought to us in a self-driving vehicle, that ride may never show up. Read more

  • Beyond the Big Book

    “A higher power” doesn’t help everyone in recovery. Agnostic AA is finding a growing number of adherents in the Madison area. Read more


  • Exploring Wisconsin

    Wisconsin’s early natural historians and their “cabinet of curiosities” are featured in the Wisconsin Academy’s “Collections & Connections” exhibit at the James Watrous Gallery. Read more


  • In Wisconsin, this is our religion

    In Wisconsin, every Friday, we observe the ritual. Blue gill! Whitefish! Haddock! Perch! Try these four under-the-radar gems for Friday fish fry. Read more