Savage Love

Favorite reads

  • In his name

    A year after a summer of protests in Madison, Isthmus reporter Dylan Brogan tells the rest of the story of the man who found himself at the center of it. Read more


  • In the groove

    “Most bands start with jamming with your friends in a basement,” says Glenn Widdicombe. “This has been about making a format with musicians who are already experienced playing live.” Read more

  • Round and round

    Bus Rapid Transit in Madison appears to have wide support. But will routing the new buses down three blocks of State Street be its undoing? Read more


  • A new world

    Get up to speed on what’s new in Madison dining. What opened during the pandemic? Maybe more restaurants than you think. Read more


  • No takers

    Given the hot real estate market in Madison, it was surprising there were no competing bidders at the sheriff’s sale for property on a prime block of downtown Madison. Read more